Introduction to African Philosophy

Course Description

The class covers the tradition of deep and reflective thinking among people of African descent from antiquity to the present. Students will be introduced to a number of indigenous African concepts, in addition to concepts from the African Diaspora. The class will emphasize practical philosophy, in that students will acquire and hone tools of critical analysis and self-development.

Course Schedule

Week One

What is philosophy? Are you a philosopher? -An introduction to deep thought

Week Two

What do you know? How do you know what you know?

-Knowing, critical thinking, and awareness

Week Three

What does it mean to be a good person?

-Ethics and the perfection of human character

Week Four

How does intelligence matter? How does it enrich our lives?

-The infinite potential of knowledge and creativity

Week Five

What is the nature of reality? How do we expand our knowledge about the world around us?

Mathematics and science: thinking deeply about the universe

Week Six

How can we make the world better? Do we have an obligation to do so?

-Social justice and being the leaders that the future requires

Suitable for ages 10 to 15, as well as attentive 8 and 9 year olds.