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At Seba en Khemenu, The School of Khemenu, is an African-Centered educational institute devoted to teaching and research that explicates an African worldview. Named in honor of Khemenu, a major center of Kemetic (Ancient Egyptian) philosophy, At Seba en Khemenu seeks to exemplify the principle of Djehewty, the Netcher most closely identified with this city who represents articulate speech and wisdom, as well as the work of the Seshu–the scribes, writers, and intellectuals of Kemet. Khemenu also means “8″, which is a reference to the “Eight Infinite Ones” or the Kemetic conceptualization of nehehe (eternity or infinity).

At Seba en Khemenu offers courses in areas of African philosophy, history, and culture; in addition to courses in the social sciences. We will also offer curriculum and research texts in the near future for those seeking to teach and learn more about these domains of knowledge.