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The Asante empire or Asanteman was a West African empire founded in 1670 By Osei Kofi Tutu I and Okomfo Anokye, his chief priest. With his help, they united the independent states and created Asanteman to fight Denkyra the (the most powerful group at the time )who had them under an aggressive tributary status. They united under the symbolic golden stool the descended from the sky on the Friday of the ceremony. They successfully deleted Denkyra and the Asante became the dominant group. When Europeans came into contact which the Akan groups, particularly Kumasi the state capital they were shocked with the level of sophistication. Traveler and writer Thomas Bowditch describing Vast named road systems, Indoor plumbing, and an advanced form of government and law.

Forums of governance

Government was very complicated and was centered around the king or Asantehene each town had a king or “Ohene” each king had his own advisers, priest and stool carriers. Each one play a key role in the political and spritual governance of the empire

{Sources}: Mission from Cape Coast Castle to Ashantee: With a Descriptive Account of that Kingdom T.H. Bowditch

Pictures: Asante temples


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