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I am using the epic of Sundiata to write this. The epic of Sundiata covers the life of Sundiata and his triumph over his enemies to become the greatest king of Mali. Sundiata Kieta was born 1190 and died in 1255. During his younger life he was very frail. While he was very interested in learning things, often spending hours on end sitting with his griot listening to the history of Mali, stories, and learning proverbs. Unfortunate for him, his legs were much too weak, he never learned to walk. This lead to him being made fun of, and eventually, he, his mother, and his sister were moved into a back shed of the castle because of them being an eyesore for the other members of the family. Sundiata found himself a metal rod and stood on his own two feet. Everyone was amazed by this, but due to them being mistreated Sundiata, his mother, and sister left Mali.

Some time after they had left they heard that Mali was taken over by Soumaoro Kanté. During his time of growing up he traveled Africa with his family, learned skills, and even fought in a war. With this he had garnered respect from several important people, allowing him to call upon their help. With their help he created a strong army and lead them back to Mali, to fight against Soumaoro Kante. They eventually beat his forces and took back Mali, crowning Sundiata Keita king. unfortunately Soumaoror Kante escaped into hiding.


D.T. Niane, Sundiata An Epic Of Old Mali

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